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Hüseyin Karadayı, having become very popular in recent years through his style and the music sound he created, continues to conquer the hearts of the music and dance passionate. Hüseyin Karadayı began his music life as a drummer in the year 1988. He made funky, blues and pop style music with his band called the CONTRAST in many bars. Having arranged remixes for quite many popular Turkish music tracks since 1997, Hüseyin Karadayı rose to number "1" in the music lists by making remix of nostalgic tracks. 
Attracting attention through his different style the famous producer worked in his albums with many celebrated artists as Sezen Aksu, Ajda Pekkan, Tarkan, Funda Arar, Ferhat Göçer, Burcu Güneş, Mustafa Sandal, Ege Çubukçu, Işın Karaca, Betül Demir, Özcan Deniz, Aslı Güngör, Melis Sökmen,Burhan Öcal. 
1990: He began his electronic music works. 
1995: He began performing as producer at Power FM, one of the radio channels broadcasting foreign music. He undertook all jingle productions of the radio. He put also his mark on programs as Dans Show, Adrenalin at Power Türk and Pepsi Dance Club as well as Hot Mix at Power FM. Particularly the Adrenalin program, whose concept had been determined and prepared by Hüseyin Karadayı attracted attention through its different style. Furthermore, he performed as dj at many popular places since 1995 as Süleyman Nazif, Vogue, Hammam, Dada Ortaköy, Level 4, Newyorker Kuruçeşme, Reina, Çeşme Shayna, Caliante, Fame, Cafe In at Bodrum Türkbükü and famous night clubs as Mojito and Discorium. 
2000-2004: He undertook the productions of the Geveze Show. 
2001: He launched his album called "REMIX 2001" with Üniversal Müzik. With this album he made an overwhelming impression through the remix he arranged for Turkey's unalienable classic track 'Sürünüyorum'. Thus, he initiated the fashion of making remix for nostalgic tracks. Furthermore, he also undertook the remixes of popular tracks of İzel and Serdar Ortaç. 
2004: He rose to number 1 in the music lists at home and abroad with his production "clap the buka & touch the buka" taking place in the fourth album of the famous percussion group 'HAREM'. In the same year the remix he made for the Avare track vocalized once by Raj Kapoor and re-interpreted later by Banghra Hakan.

2005: The dance passionate became acquainted with Hüseyin Karadayı through his album named "My Imagination". Hüseyin Karadayı, who performed long years as music producer at radio channels and as dj at famous places, brought in a new sound to the Eastern-Western music culture through the interpretations of the music that had become classics of that period and through his own compositions. 
The parts 'Funky Clarinet' and 'Rasputin' of the album, on which the music and vocals of artists as Melis Sökmen, Bülent Altınbaş (Kirpi), Funky C Aka Cem Nadıran also took place, reached a quite popular point in European countries as Greece and the Netherlands as well as in New Mexico. After this album, on which DJ Funky ''C'' vocalized, the double put their marks on a common work.

2006: "Miracles" took its place in the music markets with the DMC label. The album stigmatized in 2006-2007 with its samples of Eldar Mansurov's ''BAYATILAR''. We previously heard this track, which has been re-interpreted by virtue of the innovations ensured by today's technology and dance music, from Levent Yüksel with the title "Zalim". 
Hüseyin brought an utterly different interpretation to Ümit Besen's song "I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU" that we again know from the 80ies through his rap version with Funky "C" and Melis Sökmen vocals. He came together with Burhan Öçal, making the world listening to him through his percussion, in the track "Come n Shake". His remix of Mega Star Tarkan's "Gülümse Kaderine" named song, however, was presented to the taste of the audience as a special surprise on the album.

2007: He met with his audience through his third album called "You Dance From Istanbul". Special versions of 12 songs of Turkey's most important artists arranged by Hüseyin Karadayı and 6 hit tracks he chose from world lists took place on this album. Ajda Pekkan's legendary song "Yaz Yaz Yaz", whose words and composition belong to Şehrazat, were re-instilled into memory in a quite different manner through Karadayı's remix. Furthermore, the remix of Sezen Aksu's "Şarkı söylemek lazım" and the dance music remixes of Ferhat Göçer's songs "Cennet" and "Yalan" that had become hits in 2007 hit the headlines in the summer of 2007. The album also comprises one of the world's classics "Autumn leaves" vocalized by Melis Sökmen and Onur Baştürk's track called "Frekans". Karadayı's interpretation of "Autumn leaves" took place in worldwide known dj Claude Challe's album "Select 2008 Music For Our Friends" of 2008. The video clip shot with the song "Yalan" of this album attracted great attention. 
June 2008: He received the "Most Successful dj and Producer of the Year" Award presented by Radio N101.

2008: He presented his album "You Dance From Turkey" to the taste of his audience. Hüseyin Karadayı proved that he is a master of this genre through his creativeness and the arrangements he made on this album, which he prepared jointly with his successful musician friends as Ferhat Göçer, Funky C, Ege Çubukçu, Melis Sökmen. Karadayı, who made an arrangement of the song "İnleyen Nameler" being one of the classics of the Turkish Art Music, put his mark on a different work through Ferhat Göçer's voice and Ege Çubukçu's rap in this piece. Moreover, "Gemiler" being one of unforgettable parts of Pop Music conquered the hearts of the music passionate through Melis Sökmen's vocal and Hsyn Krdy's interpretation. The song "Mihriban" re-interpreted by Ferhat Göçer and actress Irmak took also its place among the tracks that must be listened to. The Hsyn Krdy remix of Özcan Deniz's track "Dön Desem" was also another surprise of the album.

2009: The album "FRESH" released with the DMC label took its place in the music markets. On this album you may listen to "Anlamazdın" being one of 2009's most loved songs and to "Gönül" being one of Orhan Gencebay's unforgettable songs with the interpretation of Ferhat Göçer, to Sezen Aksu's "Geri Dön" and Ajda Pekkan's "Gözünaydın" with Betül Demir's magnificent voice enriched with R&B sounds.

In the 2009 album by Claude Challe & Jean Marc Challe that was published in 58 
countries, Hüseyin's song named "Hüseyin Karadayı feat Ferhat Göcer & Ege Çubukçu - 
İnleyen Nağmeler" from his "You dance from Turkey" album was included.

The maxi single in 2009 "Geri Dön remixes" published in Europe in cooperation with 
Suma Records contains remixes of "Geri Dön" by famous European dj's and producers 
like Alex Roque, Chris Lawyer, Consoul Training and Pink Noisy.

In 2010, he worked for his album named "Fashion U" published by DMC with successful 
dj's and producers from Turkey and abroad such as Ferhat Göçer, Işın Karaca, Buzuki 
Orhan, Giorgio Sopidi, Nekk, Mc Syco, Alex Roque, Pink Noisy, Consoul Training, Gio 
Di Leva and DJ Tekin.

In "le select 2010" by Claude Challe & Jean Marc Challe, his song "Hüseyin Karadayi 
feat Betül Demir – Geri Dön" was included for the third time.

in 2011,he released his and Turkey's first Dj "COLLECTION" Album ever .end of the 2011 he released his 7 th album "ENDORPHIN" with a virtuoso of clarinet Serkan Cagri
2012 : "Diskomatik" is the 8th Album By HUSEYIN KARADAYI.

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